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A drawing by Gillian Clezy

SWITCH ON: From Dusk ’til Dawn – Progress Report

18 December 2022

A drawing by Gillian Clezy

It’s just over a year since the SWITCHBACK book launch on 12 December 2021, so it’s high time I wrote a a progress report of sorts.

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Sad News and Mount Gambier Book Launch

27 August 2022

It’s been a very long break since I last wrote but after reading this post I hope you will understand. I will briefly explain the sad and challenging events of the last seven months that have left Switchback completely on the sidelines. But first the good news.

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Thank You for Your Kind Words

4 February 2022

Picture of Gillian's school friends at boarding school

Some have commented on the travel and enthusiastically compared notes about their adventures in the places I had visited as a child; others have been interested in the psychological component.

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Melbourne Book Launch

30 December 2021

Gillian Clezy at the Melbourne book launch

Highlights from the Melbourne launch of SWITCHBACK: An Inner and Outer Journey on 12 December 2021.

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December: The Countdown Begins!

3 December 2021


I made the models from some of my memories of my earlier happy years in Egypt. Now, I am amazed at the detail that I had noticed as a very young child, and how I remembered these intricacies for so many years to make them into these figures.

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November 2021 Update

27 November 2021


In was such thrill to actually hold a pre-print sample book in my hand after writing all those pages. I am delighted with the end product. I so hope you might be too.

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9 November 2021


Hello everyone and thank you for joining me on this SWITCHBACK adventure at the very beginning of its journey as a memoir.

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