Gillian Clezy

Gillian Clezy

Gillian Clezy is a recently retired Jungian analytical psychologist and former speech pathologist of international renown.

Born in the UK in 1937, Gillian studied at a specialised college affiliated with University College London. She became well known for her seminal work in educating mothers and caregivers how to facilitate the spoken language development of their children, particularly those with a profound hearing loss.

Her publications include

  • Modification of the Mother-Child Interchange in Language, Speech and Hearing (published in 1979 by both Edward Arnold Publishers, London and University Park Press, Baltimore) and as co-author,
  • Communication Disorders: An Introduction for Community Based Rehabilitation Workers (published in 1996 by Hong Kong University Press).

The latter was the first text-book in speech pathology ever to be released in Chinese for the People’s Republic of China.

Due to her theoretical and clinical expertise, Gillian was sought out by leading academics and clinical institutions world-wide, eventually living and working in 8 countries across 5 continents.

It was the need to understand further the profound impact of depth communication in both individuals and in families, that saw Gillian undergo a major mid-life transition towards Jungian psychology in 1997. Spurred on by her deep awareness of the psychological differences between manifest communication and unconscious meaning, Gillian moved to Switzerland and studied analytical psychology at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich for 4 years.

Gillian lives in Melbourne Australia and has two sons and a grandson.

SWITCHBACK: An Inner and Outer Journey is her first memoir focusing on her early childhood and first 20 years of life; seen through the eyes of both her faith, understanding of depth communication, and psychoanalytic theory.

Gillian is currently writing a sequel SWITCH ON: From Dusk ’til Dawn that explores the later years.

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