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Title from the cover of SWITCHBACK: An Inner and Outer Journey

Gillian’s story of both security and upheaval in her childhood also offers us glimpses into how to enable refugee and traumatised children today to emerge into a new life with resilience and hope.

— Rev Canon Dr Colleen O’Reily AM (Melbourne, Australia)

This might be a good book for our time, when many feel threatened and rather lost.

— Rev D. Moore (Melbourne, Australia)

Gillian Clezy writes with clarity as she unravels and describes moments in her life’s journey.

She integrates her Jungian professional skills with the deeper insights of her christian faith and belief as guiding principles that have changed, grown and enriched her self-understanding of a shared humanity with family, friends and in her professional life.

The book provides a model of writing for others who wish to tell their story.

— Rev’d Canon Dr Ray Cleary

What a journey! the book is full of fascinating reflections on one’s ‘individuation’ process and how the past could impact one's self in the future.

— Ardy Nugraha (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Gillian enthrals me with her sensitive descriptions of her early life (travels with golly and elder!) … Can't wait for the next volume!

— Pam Stirling (UK)

I’m blown away by the writing and details recorded of times, places, people and events. It’s extraordinary. The photos are perfectly chosen for the text.

— Dr A. Zubrick PhD

This fascinating memoir records a life jam packed with adventure and danger … It is the author’s intermittent reflections on her life as a Jungian therapist which makes this such a unique read.

— B. Villis (Melbourne, Australia)

I enjoyed reading Gillian Clezy’s SWITCHBACK and still think about the way she looked back on the traumas of her childhood and the effect they had on her.

I also enjoyed her schooldays and the wonderful schools she described.

— Gillian Forwood (South Australia)

I’ve just finished reading switchback and loved every bit of it. I enjoyed the italicised insights as well as the main narrative. There are so many interesting photographs too.

All the best for your work on the sequel. I can’t wait to read it.

— Jennifer Oates PhD (Emeritus Professor)

Your story is quite unique … I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in family history.

— Margaret Rowden (Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia)

I found the inner journey just as interesting as the outer … A fascinating read which I’ve happily recommended to others.

— E. Hodges (South Australia)

I fully commend this book.

— Richard Skinner, poet and (as R.N.F. Skinner) novelist (UK)

This memoir is wonderful. I couldn’t put it down so I sat down and read it straight through in one day. Now I’ll go back to enjoy the descriptive details as well as the drama. It’s a book I am going to suggest for my book club.

— J. Turpie (British Columbia, Canada)

A well written account of her most interesting early life and the importance of her faith. Her language is eloquent, perceptive and moving. All up a most compelling and interesting read. We look forward to the sequel, written, no doubt, with the same inimitable flare.

— Dr John Miller AO & Ruth Wisniak OAM

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